Star Wars is one of the cult films that has been characterized by inspiring high-quality fanart around the world.  Among the most exploited categories is video , visual arts and photography , so the official Star Wars site decided to launch a call for true fans to demonstrate their talent and fondness for the saga through their work.

The visual arts category had 8 winners worth appreciating . Here are the on- the -way lists: 

A (tiny) new hope

Winner: Best in show

It is a re-enactment of the iconic Star Wars poster in a photo featuring the 6-inch, 3.75- inch action figures from The Hasbro Black Series and a life- size Darth Vader helmet. To create the atmosphere a fog machine was used and the figure of Princess Leia was intervened to match the illustration.


Enfy nest costume

Winner: Best custom costume

Enfys Nest costume was made completely by hand . The belt lights up and the vambraces open and close ; the helmet includes a voice changer that works through an artifact placed on the chest. This outfit involved 800 hours of work.


Forgotten AT – AT

Winner: Best custom diorama

This is the depiction of an abandoned AT-AT in Endor.


Krayt dragon action figure

Winner: Best custom figure

It is a 3D printed custom action figure.



Winner: Best digital art

Digital art by Rey and Ben Solo/ Kylo Ren, inspired by the sequel to the trilogy. 


Kirie: Black and white joined in battle

Winner: Best physical art

This piece was created with a single knife and a sheet of black paper , cut to show a single image without seams or joints between the different pieces . The image is a pivotal scene from “ The Last Jedi ,” depicting the heroine King fighting side by side with villain Kylo Ren.


Darth Maul drawing

Winner: Best traditional art

Darth Maul drawing in graphite and white charcoal on paper.

You can find in Mano de Piedra , the figure of Obsidian Vader Buddha with fluorite stone,  and make it part of your Star Wars collection.


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